October 23, 2011


Participants will be able to:
  • Identify the skills that students need to have in order to be successful in school
  • Practice those skills
  • Compare those skills to their current course offerings

You know you're a 21st Century teacher when...

Activity 1: What Skills Do They Need? (15 minutes)

  • Brainstorm: "What skills do they need in order to be successful in school today?"
    • List as many skills as you can
    • You may wish to include a brief description (optional)
  • Share out - when called upon to do so (update your own list)

Identified Skills

  1. FIle management
  2. presentations
  3. create spreadsheets
  4. note taking
  5. online communication skills
  6. find reliable resources - Search skills
    1. citing those sites
  7. integrating applications
  8. sharing links
  9. online etiquette
  10. find and work with images

Activity 2: Practicing Those Skills (105 minutes)

  1. Research
  2. Creative Commons for images, sounds, and more
  3. Managing Information
  4. Presentation Skills
  5. Managing images
  6. Screencasting
  7. RSS Aggregators

Activity 3: Staying Relevant (15 minutes)

  • Which skills would you include?
  • What grade(s) would be eligible for the course?
  • Mandatory?
  • Can it be put online?
  • Can you get your librarian involved?