Flipped Classroom Tools

Below are some of the tools that can help you to create meaningful and helpful study resources. Mot can be used with both ipads and traditional computers.

Flipped classroom considerations:
  • Why Flipped? To facilitate richer classroom discussions. If that's not happening, then something is broken.
  • You NEED a youtube channel!
  • Screen time. If all teachers are using the flipped model, how much time will a student need to be online with the ipad? Is it possible?
  • Do all of your students have high speed internet access at home? Do you have alternative plans for those who do not?
  • Tons of resources here. Note the twitter users. Follow them in Flipboard.
  • Get Flipboard for the ipad. Follow the hashtags listed here.
    • Build a Flipboard magazine, share it with your peers, and all contribute article discoveries to it. Use that as discussion topics in department meetings.
  • Follow the #flipclass hashtag in Flipboard app

Explain Everything - ipads only for creating, but viewable on any device
  • User Manual - an iBook (free)
  • Lesson Ideas - an iBook (free)
  • Tutorial Videos - very well done
  • Tips
    • Plan and practice before you record!
    • Don't make us watch you write text. Stop recording, write the text, continue recording. It will look as if the writing/typing just appears at that point
    • Don't talk over blank screens
    • Keep them short and narrowly focused. Better to have three short videos than one long one
    • Teach your students to arrange their images into albums for their various projects. it makes finding them SO much easier

Touchcast - Make on the ipad, view anywhere

Nearpod - Make interactive presentations
  • Getting started tutorials (by Nearpod)
  • Video tutorial - created by one of the iPads in Education instructors
  • One more tutorial - one of these should match your learning style
  • Tips:
    • Plan!! Although it's very easy to add or rearrange slides, the planning assures that your lesson is matching the desired learning outcomes
    • Keep your presentations interesting and your students interested by including lots of activities
    • Math teachers - create a presentation with 5 to 10 blank slides. Then for each one, write the problem on the board. Reuse this presentation often
    • Don't forget to get the report for each session. A record for every student

Educanon - Make on a computer
  • Tutorial video - very easy to learn to use
  • Educanon integrates with Schoology - visit the App Center
  • Tips
    • Remember - you can CROP the videos to show just what you want them to see
    • Keep a list, arranged by topic, of your educanon bulbs. It's a handy way to see the gaps in your resources.
    • Add this bookmarklet to your browser toolbar (drag and drop) and easily start to make a bulb.

Evernote - Cloud-based notes. Free (with restrictions) IMHO, in a 1:1 setting, giving the kids a way to manage their digital life is a GIFT!