Mini Workshop on iPads

"it's not how it's similar to a laptop that matters, it's how it's different."

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This is the target agenda with estimated times for each activity. However, our explorations and discussions may be necessary and valuable, so they may take more time than anticipated, thus forcing us to make choices. There are over 200,000 apps for the ipad. We can't possibly see or discuss very many of them. The purpose of today is to get you to a position where you can make some decisions as you move forward with this initiative.
Part 1
    1. Introductions and Some Fun Ipad tricks - 15 minutes
      1. Ipad tips and tricks - We'll explore some keyboard shortcuts and tricks to make you more efficient
      2. Keyboard tips and tricks
    2. Socrative
      1. We'll respond to some formative assessment questions to show off the potential of Socrative (room 69261)
    3. The Google App
      1. The advanced features in the search engine
    4. The Heavy Lifting
      1. Evaluating Word processors, etc - In teams we'll explore some of the options for word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations. Each team will include someone who has Pages and Keynote installed, someone else who has Cloudon installed, and another person who has Onlive Desktop or Office2HD. We'll each be challenged to do 5 simple tasks in that application. Upon completion we'll discuss which app seemed to work best for your purposes. We'll also be challenged to create a 5 slide powerpoint (or Keynote) in the same manner. Math, Science, and Business departments may choose to do spreadsheets instead.
        1. Considerations: Naming conventions for files (1st characters are important for sorting), grouping student email addresses for easy access
          1. ex: LTMS600-01 Gates pr1 (section, name, tag that represents assignment number)
      2. "Grading" ipad files - 20-30 minutes
        1. Once students send you their work, how will you "grade" it and return it? We'll look at two potential solutions.

Part 2
    1. Bloom's Taxonomy for ipads? - What do you think of this? (Scroll down a bit on the page)
    2. Screencasting - 20-30 minutes
      1. Using Screenchomp to create a screencast. This can also be a good way to "grade" work.
      2. EE_Movie_042112-1057.mp4 - Sample screencast using ExplainEverything (a $2.99 app)
    3. iTunesU - 10 minutes
      1. What's so special about it? How and why would we use it?
    4. An App or Two - 20 minutes
    5. Furthering Your Own Learning
      1. We'll explore how twitter can be your best professional development
        1. Hootsuite is a nice app to use, IMHO
      2. Sites to explore

Questions to consider:
  • "Will the ipad be able to meet my academic needs for my students? What are the limitations?"
  • "Will we try to standardize on one (or two) apps for submitting work? Is that necessary?"
  • "Will I have all students set up Dropbox accounts?"
  • "How can I grade their work and get it back to them?"
  • "Should I encourage my students to password protect their ipads?"

Getting connected

Other Resources to explore

Challenges for today

  • Compare Cloudon, Onlive Desktop, Pages/Keynote
    • Word/Pages Document
      • Type some text - How does it handle spelling errors?
      • What formatting options do you have? Can you add a comment?
      • Make a hyperlink - Can it?
      • Paste some text from another app (From a webpage or even a Note)
      • Add a photo
      • Share it with yourself via email.
      • Does it have dropbox support?
      • Can you "correct" it and email it back?
    • Powerpoint or Keynote Document
      • Make a title slide - How does it handle spelling errors?
      • Make a slide for bullets - Any issues?
      • Make a slide and paste some text
        • Make a hyperlink from some text
      • Make a slide and add a photo
        • Cloudon help with images - a video tutorial
        • Can you make the photo a hyperlink?
        • Can you rotate, adjust the photo
      • Share it with yourself. What formats are available?
        • What do you need in order to view it
    • Excel/Numbers (Math and Science)
      • Create a new spreadsheet
      • Enter two columns of numbers
      • Add them across
      • add them down
      • make a chart
      • Share it with yourself. What formats are available?

Tips on Google for ipad

Apps to Install
Highlighted apps will definitely be used in our session

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