Managing Images

What do folks need to do with images?

  • Crop
  • Resize (and re-sample)
  • Adjust brightness, etc

Online photo editing sites

  • Picnik - also connected with Flickr. Very nice. No account needed.
  • FotoFlexer - Powerful photo editing. Can add a picture on top of another picture. No account needed.
  • BeFunky - fun, easy to use site. No account needed
  • Lunapic - some really fun features. Also, pasting images on top of another. No account needed.
  • Phixr -Phixr Online Photo Editor is a super-easy site that lets you store and fix images. No account needed.
  • Photoshop Online - Some excellent tools
  • Splashup - nice features
  • A Diigo list - sites tagged with photoeditor

Resizing Tools