Apps you will need for today:

iBooks , Safari, Evernote (free), Flipboard (free). If you are a Pinterest user, you're good to go . Same for Diigo. But, you don't have to have either.

How-To Tutorials: Listed by the topic. More found here: (Feel free to use them, if you wish)

The SAMR Model . Where does this task lie on this model?

Definition : A Bookmarklet is just a bookmark that contains code. Instead of just linking you to a web page, it will perform some sort of action.

Directions for making a bookmarklet are here . This video was done in IOS6, but you'll get the idea. The process is the same - just with cheesier-looking icons. :) (See instructions at the bottom of this page. The instructions are also written on the page, as well.)


  • Dotepub -
    • What it does: This is the BEST! This bookmarklet will turn almost any web page into an iBook format that you can open directly into iBooks.
    • Why? Well, once there you don't need an internet connection to read it. And, you can use the powerful notes features of iBooks to take and share notes about the page.
    • Try the bookmarklet here . And here .
    • Notes: This will even work on a Google Doc, since it is a web page. Here's a public google doc of iPad lesson ideas . Try the bookmarklet on this page when it comes up. Don't forget to choose "Open in iBooks" *

  • Evernote Webclipper -
    • What it does: If you are considering going 1:1 with ANY device, then you OWE it to your students to provide them with a way to manage all of their digital resources, from bookmarks, to images, to notes, and more. Evernote is an excellent choice. (More information here )
    • This bookmarklet will let students harvest web resources, tag them, and store them in their notebooks. ( Hint: make sure that they visit via Safari and sign in BEFORE they try this bookmarklet. The website needs to set a cookie for this to work .)
    • Tutorial video - (ios 6, but you'll get the idea) -
    • The code is here.
    • Note: Evernote is excellent, especially for the ipad. Other apps, like Skitch (for image editing and marking up pdf files, etc) and Penultimate (another excellent note-taking app) are part of it. However, there is a monthly limit of 60 mb of bandwidth per account. That can be reached easily if students are using this for several classes. Plus, while notebooks can be shared, they are view only. You cannot grant write access in the free version. The premium version will solve those issues, but it costs $45/yr PER student!

  • Flip it ! (Flipboard) -
    • What it does: If you've not seen Flipboard, you're in for a wonderful treat. This news app can be customized to show just what you're interested in. I have my students follow twitter hashtags, like #ipaded, #edchat, #science, etc. And, you can create your own magazine and have others contribute to it. So, this bookmarklet will let you "Flip" articles into flipboard (or your magazine) on the fly.
    • Install the bookmarklet from the code found on the page above .
    • New to Flipboard? This video will help you to get started with hashtags.

  • Pinterest -
    • What it does: 'Pin Heads' everywhere will want this bookmarklet which allows you to pin websites to your Pinterest page on the fly. Very nice. Here is the code, since you can't drag and drop on the ipad:
    • javascript:void((function(d){var%20e=d.createElement('script');e.setAttribute('type','text/javascript');e.setAttribute('charset','UTF-8');e.setAttribute('src','//'+Math.random()*99999999);d.body.appendChild(e)})(document));

  • Wikipedia Books -
    • What it does: This isn't a bookmarklet, but it's just TOO good not to share (in case you don't already know about it). This lets you create your own iBook (epub format) made up of Wikipedia articles.
    • See instructions here .
    • Note: I know of no way to edit the books once you've added them. Still, students are now able to take and share notes about the articles.

Directions for Making a Bookmarklet
  • Create a bookmark (from the Share icon) and rename it to match your bookmarklet. (Bookmark ANY page, since everything about it will be changed, anyway.)
  • Copy the javascript code for your bookmarklet.
  • Tap the bookmarks icon, find the panel with the bookmark on it, then tap Edit in the bottom right corner.
  • Tap the > sign to the right of the bookmarklet
  • Tap the x in the field containing the url. This will clear that field.
  • Tap in there once more and choose Paste

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