CAIU iPad Summit
December 18, 2012
"Don't fall in love with apps, fall in love with teaching." - Vicki Davis, aka coolcatteacher
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(All my video tutorials)

A Model Lesson

Description: Participants will experience a collaborative lesson (designed for middle and high school grades) that involves the use of multiple apps and skills in a fully hands-on session. We will work on it together. We'll use Dotepub, iBooks, Safari, Lino, and Flipboard.

iBooks Resources
Apps: Lino, Flipboard, iBooks, Adobe Acrobat ReaderYou will need to download these apps if you don't have them. You will also have to set up an account in the lino app (top left corner). You will also want to set up an account on the Flipboard app.
  1. Create dotepub bookmarklet - tap for a video tutorial made in Educreations
    1. In Settings>Safari>Always Show Bookmarks Bar = ON
    2. Visit
    3. Add a Bookmark to the Bookmarks Bar.
      1. Rename it simply, dotepub
      2. Save
    4. Copy the code on the page (Be sure to get ALL of it)
    5. Tap Bookmarks icon, then enter the Bookmarks Bar section.
    6. Tap Edit (top right corner)
    7. Tap arrow on the RIGHT edge of the Bookmark
    8. Delete the url from the 2nd field, and PASTE in the copied code
    9. Tap outside the box to have it save automatically
    10. Try it. Tap that bookmark, now. (It's in your bookmarks bar) You SHOULD see "Conversion in Progress" and then it will ask if you wish to open in, or Open In iBooks. Choose the latter and Presto!
    11. Now try it on our article
      1. Let's try it again on this article, a nice iBooks user guide
      2. Want to try another one? Or maybe this one? Here's the single most important factor for success of an ipad initiative.
      3. Here's a pdf to open in iBooks. 20 iPad Lesson Ideas. Note: You cannot make notes on PDF files in iBooks
    12. NOTE: This does NOT always work. For example, some wordpress blogs seem to cause problems with it. Also, articles that span multiple pages that you must manually advance through.
    13. Think/Pair/Share about this process and what it does to teaching and learning

  1. Taking Notes in iBooks- that links to another video tutorial
    1. Practice making notes
      1. Hints:
        1. Tap and drag your finger down along the left margin of the text you wish to highlight. As long as you don't lift your finger you can even select text across the page. Or, Double-tap to select a word, then drag the handles to include the desired text.
        2. Tap the highlighted text to see your options. There you can change the note color. (The circle with the line through it will remove the highlight and note.)
      2. Share your notes with me - jgates513 @ (The videowill help with this)
        1. Return to Table of Contents
        2. Tap Notes tab
        3. Tap Share icon in top RIGHT corner
        4. Tap Edit Notes
        5. Select the notes you wish to send (at least one, for now)
        6. Tap Share button on top LEFT page
        7. Tap Mail
        8. Address it to
      3. NOTE: You cannot always make notes in items in iBooks. For example, you cannot makes notes on PDFs that are opened in iBooks. Some other books prevent it due to copyright concerns. Don't assume it will always work.
    2. Think/Pair/Share about this process and what it does for teaching and learning

DeBono's Six Thinking Hats:
six hats.jpg

  1. Read (skim) the article and make notes
    1. In your teams, post at least two notes (in your role's color) in the book
    2. Matching Note color to Debono's Hats
      1. White hat = Underlined note
      2. Green hat = pale green note (2nd from the left)
      3. Yellow hat = Yellow note (leftmost color)
      4. Red hat = Pink note (3rd from the right)
      5. Blue hat = Blue note (3rd from left)
      6. Black hat = Purple note (2nd from the right)

  1. Share the notes with the Blue Hat person via email. (One group will share their notes with me)
  2. Posting to Our Lino Board
    1. Our Lino Board (and board #2 - in case we've got a lot of people in this session)
    2. Post ONE note (in your color) on the board
    3. TAG IT with your color name (White, Blue, Yellow, etc)
    4. Self-organize by color, either vertically or horizontally
      1. You can move your own note, but not someone else's.
      2. Tap, hold a second and release to see your options.
    5. Think/Pair/Share about this process and what it does for teaching and learning
  3. Compile Your Own
    1. Download this file and open in Adobe Acrobat Reader (or notability, if you have it.)
      1. - open in...
    2. For each block, write in one or two of the best points for that color. Use the text tool
    3. Take a screenshot of the finished file.
    4. Send the screenshot to jgates513 @
  4. Flipboard- create (free) account
    1. Tap red Ribbon icon in top right corner
    2. In search field, type: #ipaded and tap return
    3. Tap the + sign next to the entry that says, "Tweets mentioning #ipaded"
      1. Others: #ipadchat, #iosedapp, and these: Chats and education hashtags
    4. What are the different ways that you can share your findings?
    5. Watch the streams for about two minutes. What did you learn?
    6. Think/Pair/Share about this process and what it does for teaching and learning

Managing Workflow on the iPad

Description: In the middle and high school grades, students will be required, at some point, to create something on the Ipad and submit it to the teacher for a grade. In this hands on session, participants will create documents in various apps and we'll explore ways to submit them, score them, and return them. We'll also discuss how this process is different in cart vs 1:1 environment.

To get signed up for our shared Dropbox account:
Click here ( to sign up for our dropbox folder. I will delete the folder after we're done with it.

Apps/Sites: Dropbox, Google Drive (read this article if you're a Google Apps district),, CloudOn, Pages (if you have it), Adobe Reader (free), or notability ($1.99, but you're going to WANT this one, eventually), and Chirp (it's an iphone app)