Creating on the iPad

Carrie Budman: West Shore School District
James Gates: GatesIdeas, Eduspire

Overview: This isn't about apps as much as it is a discussion about workflow, productivity, and how the model for instruction differs when it's a single ipad in the room vs a cart full vs 1:1.

Apps mentioned today:
  • Dropbox - for cloud storage.
    • You get 2 gb of free storage to start. It does require an email address.
    • Ask Carrie how she got those accounts set up for her primary students.
  • Lino - free collaborative cork board.
  • dotepub - converts webpares into .epu (ibooks) format
    • Here is a quick video tutorial of how to make this bookmarklet.
    • This webpage really only exists to provide the code for the bookmarklet and to give you some sample text as a demo.
  • iBooks - make sure you've updated to version 3.
    • Have students make and send notes to you in different colors to represent different ideas or different teams, etc. (Maybe DeBono's Six Thinking Hats idea?)
    • A quick video tutorial.
  • Diigo Web Highlighter - if you're serious about the students doing research.
    • Ask yourself, what do the students DO with the information they find when researching?
    • Works best in 1:1 situation.
    • Sign up at Diigo as a teacher to be able to create your student groups.
    • BTW - do you know these Google search tricks on the ipad?
  • Book Creator for iPad- $4.99, but worth it.
    • Create .epub formatted books that open in iBooks. (See Lisa Butler's PETE&C presentation - Tue, 2:15PM) to see a book she made)
    • Easy enough for elementary students. Now it allows you to create live hyperlinks, too.
  • ExplainEverything, Educreations - screencasting apps (Showme and screenchomp are others but no time to include. Comparison chart).
    • The most important consideration, IMHO, is how the videos can be shared.
    • Also, can you re-record a slide's audio?
  • Doceri - $15, but a must-have in every classroom, IMHO
    • EVERY teacher should have this app, if he/she has an ipad.
    • Check out these tutorial videos.
    • Create screencast videos, interact with a variety of whiteboards, and MUCH more.
  • Board Cam
    - a $4.99 document camera.
    • Create and share videos, too. Here's a video tutorial or sorts.
    • BTW - here's a cheap document camera stand. It's the one I'm using, but I couldn't cut the slots in it. I also didn't glue mine together to make it easy to transport and easy to break down when it's not needed. I just put rubber bands across the top to keep the ipad from slipping down between the arms.
  • I want my students to... - apps listed by purpose.
    • However, how are apps installed on your ipads?

Questions to consider:
  • Does it require an account?
  • How can it be shared?
  • Can it be saved to the camera roll?
  • Does it have webdav support
  • How does this work if we only have carts?